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Simple Tips On How To Improve Kidney Function

Kidneys are bean-like shaped organs located at the small of the back.
Although we have two of them, one can still get you by.
The main functions of kidneys is to store electrolytes, salts and minerals and to excrete waste from the body through urine.
When kidneys experience dysfunction, the body will become lethargic, lose appetite, muscle cramps and drowsiness.

You can improve kidney function by making certain changes to your diet and lifestyle.

The following tips should help improve kidney function and promote longevity

  • Water Hydration Technique
    From time to time we go for long periods without drinking water, leading to thirst and dehydration, and we normally gulp the first glass of water within 15 seconds. Have you ever given thought to what this does to your body? No right? I don’t blame you.
    The truth of the matter is that when you gulp water quickly or any fluid for that matter, you apply immense amounts of pressure to your kidney function. How? Since one of the main functions of kidneys is to balance body fluid level in the body and dump large amounts of it into the blood stream, which kidneys will be required to balance out (urine production).
  • Drinking
    Drinking just a mouthful of fluids will balance this out by reducing pressure on the kidneys and improving hydration.
  • Keeping Your Weight Under Control
    Make sure your weight is always kept under control. If you are obese or overweight, you run the risk of suffering diabetes, a risk factor for kidney disease. Do away with high calorie, processed carbs and high fat foods. Eat foods rich in nuts, seeds, lean meats and veggies instead.
  • Exercise
    Exercise can help improve mobility and circulation, and work alongside your diet to maintain your weight level. Do at least 30 minute sessions three times a week. These could be swimming, running, biking, walking and weight training
  • Control Blood Pressure
    Blood pressure, referred to as hypertension can lead to kidney disease. Prevent this from happening by reducing salt intake levels.
  • Leave Out Toxins
    Ensure that toxins are left out of your body. Based on research by the National Kidney Foundation, consistent use of prescription medications, pain relievers and illicit drugs can significantly damage your kidneys. Avoid the consumption of these as well as foods that contain pesticides and chemicals.
  • Watch Protein Intake
    Be on the look for your protein intake. If your kidneys are functioning properly, wastes are eliminated and proteins remains in the blood stream. If the kidneys are weak, protein may not get separated from the waste. If you have poor kidney function, avoid too much of protein rich foods as it could lead to a high-protein diet. Follow RDA guidelines of between 10 and 35 % of your overall daily intake of caloric.

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